Hors d’oeuvre of  Limonaia di Villa Senni






Affettati misti toscani


Selection of Tuscan Cold Meats - Tuscan speciality of “soprassata” (pig’s brawn); Wafer thin slices of lard seasoned with rosemary served on grilled Tuscan bread; Grilled rolled bacon; “Coppa” (A tuscan favourite: another variation of delicious pig’s brawn seasoned with fresh herbs; Fennel seasoned salami (tuscan speciality).




Crostini misti alla mugellana


Selection of canapés, Mugello style - Toasted Tuscan bread with porcini mushroom garnish; Chicken liver garnish; Tomato and basil garnish.




Bruschette miste Estive


Selection of canapés - Hot grilled canapés with slivers of rosemary-perfumed lard; Hot grilled canapés with slivers of rosemary-perfumed lard; canapés of fresh tomato and basil; canapés with Zucchini.




Còccoli toscani prosciutto e stracchino


Small fried morsels of home-made bread served with raw cured ham and stracchino (delicious, soft creamy cheese).




Pecorino di Pienza


Sheepherd’s delight - Pecorino (sheep’s cheese) seasoned with herbs; cheese in a crispy crust, Mugello style, served with fresh “Piccadilly” tomatoes and grilled Tuscan bread.




Antipasto del cacciatore


Hunter’s Delight - Raw cured venison ham; Raw cured wild boar sausage; porcini mushrooms in oil; wild dried tomatoes, black olives.  It combines particularly well  with Chianti Wines.




Polentine fritte ai funghi porcini


Small pieces of fried polenta with a porcini garnish.*




Tartare di Chianina


Steak Tartare - Fillet of best beef finely minced and dressed with fresh basil, “Tropea” red onion, quality olive oil, a hint of anchovy and red pepper, white wine vinegar. All accompanied by tosted Tuscan bread.  It combines particularly well  with "Spumante Torraccia di Presura" and " Pinot Nero" Wines




Carpaccio di verdure


Mix of raw fresh vegetables - Finely sliced fresh fennel, cabbage, red “radicchio” salad, red peppers, arucula, “Piccadilly” tomatoes and parmesan petals.




Sformatino Ripieno di Fiori di Zucca e Zucchine con Riduzione al Balsamico


(Delicate full Sformatino of Flowers of Pumpkin to the taste of the Balmy vinegar). It combines particularly well  with the Pinot Rosè wine




Bresaola di Cinghiale con rucola e pomodorini Piccadilly freschi


(Ham of Wild Boar with rocket and tomatoes).  It combines particularly well   with Castagno and Val di Toro wines











First courses of Limonaia di Villa Senni






Tagliolini freschi al limone


Freshy made tagliolini egg pasta served with a tangy lemon sauce. Both original and light. It combines particularly well withVermentino di Luni, Pinot Rosè wines




Pappardelle alla Chiantigiana


Pappardelle (wide pasta strips) served with a succulent wild boar sauce.  It combines particularly well with Chianti wines




Tortelli mugellani di patate al ragù


Freshly made ravioli with a filling of potato purée, parmesan cheese, parsley and nutmeg. Traditional recipe from the Mugello.  It combines particularly well   with Bolgheri, Rosso di Montalcino wines




Crespelle ai funghi porcini


Thin delicate pancakes filled with fresh ricotta and spinach. Served with a tasty porcini mushroom sauce*




Raviolini di Chianina in salsa al radicchio rosso


Fresly made ravioli filled with high quality “Chianina” beef, accompanied by a red “radicchio” sauce laced with cream. (Radicchio is a slighly bitter Italian salad leaf).  It combines particularly well with Morellino, Bolgheriz Chianti wines




Cappellacci in crema alle erbette


Freshly made cappellacci (type of tortellino) filled with high quality Irish beef and porcini mushrooms. Served with a creamy herb sauce.  It combines particularly well   with Amor Costante, Chianti wines




Lasagnette” di Melanzane e verdurine gratinate in forno


(Eggplants with creamy sauce of vegetables cooked in oven)




Fettuccine “cremose” ai Fiori di Zucca e Zafferano


(Fettuccine of fresh pasta to the egg done in the house with cream to the flowers of pumpkin and saffron)




Tagliatelle ai Funghi Porcini Freschi trifolati


(Freshly made Tagliatelle egg pasta served with Porcini mushroom Sauce)








Second courses of Limonaia di Villa Senni






Tagliata di Pollo con Rucola , Pomodorini e  Parmigiano a scaglie


(Cut of chicken with Rocket, flakes Parmesan cheese and tomatoes).  It combines particularly well  with Gewurztraminer, Pinot Rosè wines




Tartare di Chianina


Steak Tartare - Fillet of best beef finely minced and dressed with fresh basil, “Tropea” red onion, quality olive oil, a hint of anchovy and red pepper, white wine vinegar. All accompanied by tosted Tuscan bread.  It combines particularly well  with "Spumante Torraccia di Presura" and " Pinot Nero" Wines




Gran fritto misto alla fiorentina


Platter of tasty fried meats with crunchy coating. (Small morsels of chicken, rabbit, lamb, fillet steack, seasonal vegetables and crispy potatoes).  It combines particularly well with Pinot Nero e Rosè wine




Bistecca alla fiorentina


Traditional Florentine Speciality. Highest quality Florentine griled beef steak. Rare - or as you like it.  It combines particularly well  with Chianti, Montalcino, Lucciolaio wines




Controfiletto con patate arrosto


Highest quality grilled beef steak, garnished with freshly chopped herbs and served with crispy roast potatoes.  It combines particularly well with Lucciolaio, Val di Toro wines




Filetto al Lardo di Colonnata with roast potatoes


Highest quality beef steak wrapped in lard perfumed with rosemary (Lardo di Colonnata is a Tuscan speciality. The lard is kept for a length of time in terracotta jars highly seasoned with bay, rosemary, garlic and black pepper. It is eaten, thinly sliced, on grilled Tuscan bread and used in many traditional recipes).  It combines particularly well with  Val Di toro, Amor Costante wines




Tagliata di Controfiletto alla rucola / with lard


Grilled fillet steak with rosemary, green aromatic pepper and herbs, served on arucola. Chef also suggests this dish served wrapped in wafer thin slices of seasoned lard.




Galletto mugellese alla griglia


Grilled home-bred chicken garnished with fresh herbs.




Filetto al pepe verde


Fillet of highest quality beef cooked gently in butter then seasoned with green aromatic pepper and herbs.






Peposo all’imprunetina


Tender beef braised in Chianti (seven hours cooking), spiced with quality black pepper and herbs.




Braciole dorate alla limonaia


Slice of highest quality beef pan cooked and aromatized with tangy non-treated lemons.




Lo sfizio del Vegetariano


(Selection of grilled seasonal vegetables, porcini mushrooms, wild dried tomatoes, tuscan bread, pecorino cheese in a crispy crust)




Scaloppine di pollo con spuma di Chardonnay allo Stracchino dal retrogusto d'arancio


(Scaloppine of chicken to the taste of the orange tree)






 Side Dishes of Limonaia di Villa Senni






Fritto misto di verdure e patate


Seasonal vegetables fried in a crunchy coating accompanied by fried potatoes*




Verdure grigliate


Selectin of grilled seasonal vegetables garnished with fresh herbs.




Salvia fritta


Large fresh sage leaves fried in a crispy coating.




Patate arrosto


Roast potatoes garnished with herbs.




Patate fritte


Crispy, golden chips*




Insalata mista


Mixed salad of crispy lettuce, arucola, tomatoes, red “radicchio” salad and carrots.








Sweets of limonaia Villa Senni








Reduction of Coconut Mousse with Berries and Balsamic Vinegar


(Mousse on Fresh Coconut Shortbread Cookie, served with a reduction of Berries and Balsamic)






Tiramisu Monoporzione


(Crema di Mascarpone and Ladyfingers soaked in coffee)




Limonaia Cake with Limoncello cream


(Cake of the house favorite made with pastry cream with Organic lemons and almonds, served with homemade Limoncello cream)






Hot Chocolate soufflé soft-hearted


(Soft chocolate cake served warm from the heart with whipped cream)




Of  Limonaia Biscotti with Vin Santo (1996)


(Biscotti caramelized almonds served with homemade excellent Vin Santo 1996)




Strawberries to Chiti


(Season poached strawberries with cream of Limoncello made in house)






Bavarian summer Champagne and Strawberries on Almond Shortbread




Strawberry Ice Cream












Bar and  Legend Menù








Mineral Water




Canned Soft Drinks




Pyraser Pils Beer 0,5




Pyraser 6 Korn Beer
















Quality liquers






* The product can be frozen if not in seaso